The Rational Security Podcast and Lawfare

The Rational Security podcast has some very intelligent people who act childishly and mean.  There are moments of thoughtful rationality, punctuated by hysterical giggles of derision.  This approach seems to be increasingly popular, on both sides.  Thoughtful analysis and precise explanations of missteps must be moderated with cruelty and dismissiveness.

But the thing that prompted me to write this pieces is that they do not accept comments on their podcasts.  Never have. Never will.

So, here is a comment for them.

In this podcast:

they cheerfully make fun of the White House when it said “There is little doubt that even before the deal’s existence, Iran was violating its terms.”  That is fair: the White House statement is ridiculous.  Deals do not have terms before they are made.

But then, just moments later, they decry the impending 4th of July celebration that Trump’s administration is about to have.

It is one thing to criticize something that has happened; it is another to attempt to criticize something that is about to happen.  They projected their guesses at what might happen, and pounced on that imagined event.

These clueless twits first laugh at the White House because it does not understand the arrow of time, and then immediately make the same mistake themselves.

I have unsubscribed from this podcast. I would have commented directly to them, but they appear to be uninterested in thoughtful commentary, even while venting their commentary on others.

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