Federally mandated road signs are way too reflective

I live out in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest street light perhaps 5 miles away.  When I drive at night, the only illumination comes from my headlights, usually on high beam.

Over the past 5 or 10 years, new federal regulations have mandated that road signs be replaced with “newer and better” sign technology.  In particular, the signs are much more reflective (brighter) than the older ones.  This is not simply because an old and worn-out sign has been replaced by a newer one: the signs are designed to be much brighter.

When driving in a city, with lots of street lights, the brighter signs are useful, but out in the country, the new signs are dazzling.  They are too bright to be read (other than as a dazzling blob) and they make it very difficult to spot people or animals near the sight line of the signs.    They are unsafe.

This seems to be another example of stupid bureaucracy run amok.  What is good for the city is good for the country.  This is simply not true.

But the levels of bureaucracy that need to be penetrated to even get heard is beyond my level of stamina.  So, new signs will be installed in town this year, and they will not only be a huge waste of money, but they will make driving more difficult and dangerous.


One Response to “Federally mandated road signs are way too reflective”

  1. Chuckles La do Says:

    The Red / Blue lights atop police cars are blinding at night!
    Some traffic lights are blinding at night
    ?Day night sensor?
    Common Sense?

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