One Important Thing for You to do When a Loved One Dies

My father died back in October. Because my mother is demented, I immediately had to forward all mail so that I could handle their affairs.

Big Mistake.

I now receive perhaps 40 solicitations per week from charitable organizations, all redirected from mail that they were receiving.  I never told these organizations about the change of address: they were notified by the post office.  I did not see any way to avoid having those notifications  sent out.

I have probably sent out 50 letters asking that this stop.  My bet is that my address is now being sold to other charities and catalog companies.  I do not expect that this will be easy to remedy.

I should have forwarded the mail to a post office box.  That way, whenever I am sure that the necessary people have the new correct address, I can just drop the PO box and let all of the unwanted advertising disappear.

Take my advice.  The American marketing machine is nearly unstoppable horror.

One Response to “One Important Thing for You to do When a Loved One Dies”

  1. deemenn Says:

    So sorry you had to endure the agony of all that returned mail. I knew your parents for over 20 years through one of those charitable organizations. They were the heart and soul, both of them, in making great strides for our Mission. I miss them dearly, especially your mother’s leadership and your father’s guidance . He was a truly remarkable person.

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