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The Insanity of NPR and Fresh Air’s Censorship

January 8, 2014

I admire Terry Gross’ abilities as an interviewer, but a recent interview made a mockery of the censorship that pervades NPR and treats everyone as if they were children.

The interview was with Andy Samberg.  In it, they discussed a routine about “<bleep> in a box”.  There was no way to figure out exactly what <bleep> was, so I figured it must have been “shit in a box”.  The rest of the interview did not make much sense, although everyone was laughing.

Fast forward to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast/interview with Andy Samberg.  That uncensored interview permitted the listener to understand that in fact the bit was called “dick in a box”. At least that interview made sense.

When the coyness becomes so oppressive that one cannot even understand the interview, the time has come for a change.  In an era when 12 year olds are getting pregnant, is it really important that people not hear the word “dick”?  They all know the word “penis”, and they have all spoken to friends called “Dick”.  I mean, what is the fucking purpose of this insanity?

Same thing with “shit”.  It is not offensive to discuss “feces” or “crap”, but somehow “shit” is offensive?  This is absurd on the face of it.

I have no respect for NPR nor Terry Gross when it comes to their perpetuating these ridiculous rules, especially when it means that the content of their interviews becomes obscured.

Perhaps Terry and NPR would do well to stop discussing any issues that might offend at all, and leave that kind of reporting to the likes of Marc Maron.   He is heart-felt, honest, and transparent.  Too bad NPR and Terry cannot live up to Marc’s lofty standards.