IOS 7 is horrible

Up until a week ago, I was an Apple booster, but the arrival of IOS 7 has changed that.  Screens that were easy to read are almost impossible to read now.

Take the Podcast application.  Used to be, you could clearly see how many podcasts remained unread for each source: it was a clearly legible number.  Now, there is a small light gray on white number, something so difficult to spot that I had to show a friend where it was while I was ranting.  He could not see it at all.

Or the Clock application.  When you try to set a timer, what  you now see is almost impossible to read.  It was really easy to see before.

I have no idea why Apple decided to “fix” stuff that was working very well, and make it hardly work at all.  Are they so bored there that they change things that are not broken?

Maybe there is some way to throw a new skin on the stuff that I can no longer read. I have no idea.  And I’m not that enthusiastic about spending my time to fix Apple’s screw-up.

I’m researching Samsung Galaxy Android devices now.

Apple: you are not so far head of the others that you cannot fail.  What you just did is real crap.


2 Responses to “IOS 7 is horrible”

  1. jonbondy Says:

    Someone suggested “Go to Settings/Accessibilty- Bold Text – Larger Type”. This results in slightly larger text, which is still much less legible than prior to IOS 7. I continue to think that IOS 7 is crap.

  2. jonbondy Says:

    I purchased a used Samsung Galaxy Mega and am basically done with iOS and Apple. The Podcast Addict app is more convenient than the corresponding Apple app, and the Marc Maron app works much better under Android than it does under iOS. I purchased an additional 32GB on a micro SD card for $30, and now have all of my music on my Mega, something that was unreasonably expensive on an iPhone or iPod Touch. I can’t think of a single thing that I will miss from Apple. Well. One thing. You cannot adjust the playback volume from the ear buds. I got over that fairly quickly.

    Android. Try it. You will like it.

    Apple was totally stupid for screwing up iOS 7.

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