Stupid Post Office Employees in East Fairfield, Vermont

My girlfriend ordered some books from Amazon; they were shipped via FedEx Smart Post, which seems to be a euphemism for US Postal Service.  You can read the shipping history, below, where the bottom is the first entry, and the top is the final entry:

Fedex screen clip

The package started out in MA, went to CT (go south in order to go north?!?), then went to Williston VT, then to East Fairfield VT.  This is where things get interesting.  East Fairfield said it was “out for delivery”.  But they delivered it to … wait for it … Nashua NH.

Now the ZIP code for East Fairfield is 05448,and that of Nashua NH is 03060, so this mistake seems natural, right?  Well, see for yourself: this is the offending address label:


Just to make sure that my sarcasm is not wasted, they hand wrote the correct ZIP code, even when the original ZIP code was, in fact correct.  Perhaps some of the Post Office personnel cannot read anything unless the print is about 1/2 inches tall.

So, the package was either out for delivery, or stayed in Nashua NH for about a week.  Then it headed back to East Fairfield (after she complained).  At first they demanded that we sign for it, but we were not around for a few days, so eventually they just left the package.  So much for “the shipper has requested an ‘in person’ signature”.  The shipper also requested timely delivery to the correct address, but that was not even attempted.

When she asked the East Fairfield post office why they had sent her package to NH, she was told that she had “too many” change of address forms in the past few years. This a pretty amazing (i.e., moronic) excuse, given that 1) the change of address requests expire after 6 months, and 2) none of them ever involved New Hampshire at all, let alone Nashua.

All  in all, a fairly stunning example of repeated incompetence.  But this is my post office, so I suppose I should not complain.


3 Responses to “Stupid Post Office Employees in East Fairfield, Vermont”

  1. Sue Ferguson Says:


    I cannot say enough good things about our E. Fairfield post office. Recently we orders some additional mirrors for our truck. We too thought they would come by Fed Ex but some vendors even though they advertise it as Fed Ex use US mail as the delivery mechanism. I was watching the routing and found out that our package was at the post office in E. Fairfield. We needed the mirrors that day and when I call the Post office the woman was more than helpful in that she could tell me exaclty what time the mirrors would be delivered. This saved us treamendous grief in planning and determining if we needed to borrow a set of mirrors from a neighbor. In addition there have been several occasions where our mail delivery person has driven up our very long driveway to deliver a package that would not fit in our box. So I’m sorry you had a bad experience as mine was just the opposite. I love our post office.

  2. jonbondy Says:

    I, too, have had many great interactions with the East Fairfield PO, but this last one really put me off. The shipping to NH was unmotivated and uncalled for, and the excuses they gave were simply inane and unreasonable. And they seemed to want to blame others for their own stunning incompetence.

  3. Seymour Says:

    Amazing for the local post office to screw it up and send it to Nashua instead of putting it the postal person’s car for delivery, I too don’t get that. Too many change of address forms is no excuse, they should just use the one with the latest date.
    I’m surprised our mail doesn’t get screwed up more often than it does since our address and PO (Cambridge) is in a different county than we actually live in (Franklin).
    Maybe the more amazing thing to me is that FedEx uses the USPO to deliver their packages. They must only do that because it’s cheaper for them, and it must have been less expensive to ship the package FedEx than go fully USPO. So apparently FedEx has the long distance part optimized but can’t compete with the local delivery, and USPO has the local delivery down but isn’t efficient at long distance? Maybe the USPO should contract to FedEx for long distance delivery to save money, which they so desperately need to do? Or is it FedEx is taking advantage of the USPO so they make more money at the expense of the USPO (meaning us).
    Last comment is I prefer UPS from that distance as they deliver it without changing horses midstream, and from MA to here is usually the next day using their standard ground service.

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