Parrots demand a new box

In my constant quest to keep my African Gray Parrots entertained, I bought a small wooden box (kind of like an old fashioned chest), drilled a 4″ hole in it, and let them explore it.  That looked like this:

They liked it so much that I made a box that I could hang from the top of their cage, so they could play with it even when confined in their cage (when I’m away, or at night).  The first one looked like this:

Note the 8 hooks: I suspended the thing from the bars across the top of their cage.  Note the entry hole on the upper right side.  This is what it looked like once I had installed it:

And this is what it looked like a month later:

Only 2 out of the original 8 hooks still intact, with essentially every piece of wood chewed.  I figured that they needed a box that would last just a tad longer, so I made this one:

It is made out of 2×6 lumber, and the 6 hooks are 2.5 inches long. Here are the two boxes, side by side:

I considered putting a top on this one, to keep them from chewing it, but since they seemed to like chewing it, I figured I would leave the design as is, for the time being

I’ll keep you posted


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