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Does AT&T have no shame?!?

March 28, 2012

Read this article and judge for yourself.

More about AT&T and Cramming here

PBS Divers And Scientists Are Inept

March 2, 2012

I passed this URL about cave diving on to a diving friend, hoping that he would enjoy it.  His response surprised me:

What a really badly written article.  The author is clearly a very poorly trained cave diver (and probably a bad general diver).  Of all the documented cave diving fatalities (all of them, worldwide), only one is attributed to a cave-in. All other cave diving fatalities are due to non-cave trained divers entering caves, or cave trained divers diving beyond their training and abilities (essentially pilot error).

No doubt cave diving provides a set of conditions that are challenging, but that article really misrepresented the world of cave diving (or technical diving in general). The author sounds like he has a bit of an ego problem.

We just got back from a week of diving in Little Cayman. At this time of year, the Groupers migrate to the west end of Little Cayman to mate. There is always a scientific group present and this year there was also a PBS film crew present. On one of our days of diving, six of the scientist and PBS underwater film crew joined our boat for a break and day of recreational diving. I was shocked at how bad they were at diving. As I am sure you know, a diver should never come in contact with the reef. Just coming in contact with certain coral can kill the coral. These “scientists” and film crew morons were actually lying on the reef to get their photographs. It was unbelievable. Their diving skill was some of the worst I have seen in a long time. Their gear was constantly dragging across the reef, ripping sponges, smashing into coral, it was really bad. It is too bad that people don’t take the time to perfect their craft.