LED Projects, the sequel

I now have both of my aquariums lit by high intensity home-brewed LED lighting systems.  One system has five LEDs, while the other has 10.  I’m pleased both by the illumination (everyone agrees that the tanks look much better than with either fluorescent lights or with the metal halide and actinic lights) and the small size of the lighting fixtures. I have been used to huge lighting fixtures sitting atop the tanks, but these are so small (less than 2″ tall) and narrow (just 6 inches across) that you barely notice them.  Access to the top surface of the tank, for feeding or maintenance, is also much better.  All in all, a great move, and at perhaps 1/3 the cost of a retail system.

I’ve written the Arduino software to control the lights, so that they ramp up slowly at “dawn” and back down at “dusk”, but have not added that feature yet.  I should have that done by the end of April.  I also have the LED lighting system set up for installation under the cabinets in my kitchen, but need one full day when I can finish the wiring, since I do not want to get caught with that project half done.

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