2009, a retrospective

Some of you have been kind enough to send me a newsletter for 2009, so I figure I should reciprocate in some fashion…

I managed to have three fleeting (2-3 month)  romances in 2009, which means that I had some good times, but also that I am alone at the moment.  Not much news there, I suppose.

Rodney couldn’t make it through last winter without requiring a colon-ectomy, which was a major investment, both in terms of money and emotional energy.  He managed to pop his stitches about 3 weeks after the surgery which resulted in just about the most horrific day in my life.  They patched him back together, and he was fine until this winter, when he began to feel badly again.  We did another surgery, but the results were no significant improvement.  At this point, we’re done with surgical interventions.  He howls a bit when he as to poop, but seems to be settling down and getting the job done, even if he is uncomfortable.  All in all, it has been a long and stressful trip.  He’s sitting on my lap, purring, as I type this, one arm sandbagged by his warm body.

I’ve done contract programming for about 25 years, and this summer, the company with which I’ve done most of my work was sold.  Luckily, it was sold to a company in … Burlington, Vermont!  After a four month stutter step, I was offered a job, and now I am working 9-5, 5 days a week.  The good news is that I am working out of my home, for the time being.  The bad news is that I’ve lost the freedom to which I had become accustomed.  I suppose that those of you who’ve had “real” jobs for the past tree decades are not particularly sympathetic.

The end of my “freedom” has also meant the end of most of my hare brained projects.  Ray and I tried to build a second tensegrity tower, this time using fishing line rather than rope, hoping that it would appear more magical with the struts not appearing to be attached to anything.  It was a great idea, but the tower collapsed due to one minor design flaw.  Maybe we’ll try again next year.

I’ve been a member of many web sites devoted to dating and meeting people, but found a real winner in http://www.meetup.com.  In the six months since I joined, I’ve made quite a few good friends, and how am assistant leader of two groups, and leader of another.  The “Art in Photography” group has been a lot of fun, as has the “Deep and Meaningful Discussion” group (which is not quite as pompous as you might imagine). We debate issues that are unresolvable, and have a great time just yapping.  The hiking group will do me quite a lot of good if I just keep attending the MeetUps.

I’ve sold almost all of my graphite guitars, which is good news.  A company in Korea has started selling some of the guitar parts that I was making, so I’m done with that.  Probably a good time to take a “real” job and get out of the shop.

I bought a new camera this year, when my old faithful Sony stopped being reliable.  The new Canon super zoom (Power Shot SX10 IS) is not perfect, but the price is reasonable, and I’ve taken quite a few good pictures with it.  I’ve found the large format digital prints that CostCo makes to be inexpensive and of quite good quality, so no need to buy an expensive large photo printer.

My mantis shrimp died this year, and I suppose I will get another one at some point, but I took the opportunity to reduce my active tank count from 3 to 2.  The room seemed much larger for a week after the change, but I can’t feel it any longer. The rest of The Livestock (Rodney and Oni, and Karma and Tiger) remain both wonderful and annoying, usually at almost the same moment.

I wish you all a happy 2010.  With the deaths of a number of friends this year, each year seems more precious than the last one.

2 Responses to “2009, a retrospective”

  1. Leslie Feder Says:

    Enjoyable and amusing musing as always! Thanks for the update.

  2. satjiwan Says:

    I’ll second that sentiment…

    Wow, going back to 9-5. I wonder how i’d cope. or not.

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