Time Lapse Movies of Corals

Corals move quite slowly in an aquarium, and most casual observers never understand that aspect of their beauty. Some start out quite small in the early morning, but expand during the day under the influence of the sun (lights). I took a series of time lapse movies with my new Canon Power Shot SX10 IS, using the open source CHDK microcode enhancements and an Intervalometer script. Quite neat. I needed a separate DC power supply, as the batteries were not up to taking 900 pictures, one every 6 seconds.

I stitched the JPGs together using a program called MEncoder, which is part of the MPlayer effort. You may not be able to play these movies with the regular movie players: you may have to download KMPlayer in order to watch them. I have no idea why this is.

The first movie was my test run. The others show the corals “waking up” and growing during the morning, or shutting down during the evening. Notice how they each try to shoulder each other out of the way, in order to get all of the light for themselves!

Mini Movie (4 MB)

Time Lapse Movie 1 (11 MB)

Time Lapse Movie 2 (11 MB)

Time Lapse Movie 3 (16 MB)


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