Rodney, Saturday

Rodney spent most of Tuesday meowing, and spent the whole night in bed with me, neither of which are “normal” behaviors.  Wednesday he was not as vocal, was eating, and was sleeping in a variety of places, which seemed more reasonable.   He seemed more engaged with what was going on around the house.

I had 5 separate meds to give him, two of which were so voluminous that I had to give them in two separate doses.  That meant 7 separate medication events, which took something like 2 hours to complete, during which I was interrupted every 15 minutes or so.  The meds had been prepared by a regular pharmacy, and were totally unpalatable to him, so I arranged to get them prepared by a specialty compounding place, to be picked up on Saturday.

By Friday, he was a bit sluggish, and I took him in for a pre-scheduled checkup.   I was nervous, thinking that Rodney was declining.  The doctor did some blood tests, and showed me that his red cell count was up (good) and his blood protein was up (good).  His temperature was high normal.   The vet also looked at a slide and determined that there were very few young white cells, which indicated that there were no new infections.  He declared that Rodney was doing quite well.  He pointed out that continued improvement would depend on Rodney’s eating a high protein diet, and he supplied some special cat food for that purpose.  The session took 2 hours at the vets, plus an hour each way; I arrived home wiped out.

Rodney came home, at a mouthful of food, and went to sleep on my chest.  In the evening, he crawled up to lie next to me. His nictitating membranes were mostly closed, indicating extreme exhaustion.  He slept near me all night, sneezing a few times, and making noises as if he was sniffling.  In the morning, he just lay there.  I rubbed food on his nose, and he licked it, but was uninterested in eating.  We won’t increase blood protein through fasting.  Sigh.

I called the vets, hauled him back in, and he’s there for the weekend.  His heart and lungs seem to be fine, the incision is fine, and his hydration is OK, as is his temperature.  They have no idea what is going on, but will try to give him saline and an appetite stimulant.  We will see how things are on Monday.

So, I now have brand new meds, no cat, and no idea what meds will be required when/if he returns to me on Monday.  I’m relieved that I don’t have to worry about making mistakes this weekend, but worried about what is happening, since none of the vets really has a clue at the moment.

I’m exhausted again.

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