Rodney’s Home, Tuesday, but…

I picked up Rodney today.  He is OK, but his back legs don’t work perfectly.  He can walk, but he acts a bit drunk or uncoordinated at times, and one of his legs tends to splay to the side.  A bit unsettling.

He complained a lot on the ride back, and during the first half hour once he was home.  He seems to have quieted down a bit, but he’s a little different.  Since his verbalizations preceded The Incident of last week, I’m more worried when he cries out than I was a week ago.

I now have to give him five different medications, twice a day, which is almost twice the amount that I had to do at the worst of his previous illness.  And this is up from zero a week ago.  In addition, he is to avoid jumping, which means that I should monitor him and try to restrict his activity.  No climbing on the furniture.  As if that’s going to work out!  And I have to watch what he eats, to make sure that he continues to have an appetite.  And take his temperature every day (now that will be lovely).

So, I’m back to being trapped here, and back on the hypervigalent bandwagon.  I’m stressed and tired and anxious already.  It is nice that he’s back, but I want him to be finished with all of these meds and all of the monitoring.

So.  A mixed bag.  Off to the pharmacist to buy some meds.  Sigh.

Oh. Yeah.  I received the bill.  Perhaps some of you would like to guess at the original bill, and then at the modified/reduced bill.  Stunning…

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