Etymotic Research is AMAZING!

Well. You all know what a curmudgeon I am. So I figured I should throw in a little sunshine beaming out of my ass, just so that you don’t think that I’m a totally negative jerk. Even if I am.

I purchased a set of ER61 ear buds from Etymotic Research perhaps 3 years ago for about $80. These are specialty items, which insert inside your ear canal, provide extreme noise isolation (so that you can listen to music in high noise environments [like my machine shop]), and provide high quality audio.

My first problem with them occurred when one of the channels began to cut out. It turns out that these devices come with small screens that prevent ear wax from getting into the drivers, and when the screens get full of gunk (and they do, no matter how often you clean the buds and your ears), you have to replace the screens. Problem solved.

Recently, I discovered that I was replacing the screens way too often: perhaps every week or so. They are not cheap, and I was concerned. I called up ER, and they asked that I send the buds in for inspection. I actually sent in two sets, because I owned three. Two of them had been used to death; the other was unused.

I just received the buds back from ER. They evaluated them, decided that they were not working properly, and sent me two new sets of buds. For free. Out of warranty. Without my having to bitch.

Why do I think that Microsoft, Dell, and Best Buy suck? Because ER is so great. It is possible to provide outstanding, even stunning customer service. ER does. Microsoft, Dell, and Best Buy have chosen not to.

Like I said, they suck.

There. Now you know I’m not totally negative!


One Response to “Etymotic Research is AMAZING!”

  1. Louise Says:

    Hi Jon!

    Nice to see you are still around and as cranky as ever! Hope all is well with you and that you are in good spirits and having a good time. Its all relative! :+}

    Take care,

    PS do you hear from Cap at all? Its been a while on my end and just wondered what happened to her!

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