My Summer Vacation

In the past 18 months, I’ve started an interesting, if not lucrative, business making guitar parts and even some guitars. You can find more details at my main web site,, if you follow the Guitar links.

In the summer of 2007, more and more people wanted to replace their expensive [$700] Translating Tremolos (Trans Trem or T-Trem) with a so-called fixed bridge. I ended up designing such a fixed bridge and making a small production run of 10 or so. After they sold, and were received quite well by the headless cognisanti, I fabricated another 10 or so. Then people wanted a special 5-string narrow bass bridge. And then a 12-string bridge. And then piezo saddles for all of the headless/Steinberger guitar line.

While searching for headpieces for the 5-string bass and 12-string projects, I came across an established guitar builder (Phil Langley) who wanted out of the guitar business. At first, I bought out his inventory of parts, but eventually also purchased the rights to the molds for the carbon graphite composite guitar that he had designed.

It’s been an interesting experience, in part because I’m more of an “idea guy” than someone who can spend hours performing repetitive manual operations in a shop. I tend to get bored and ruin parts. The experience of trying to do something I’m not particularly good at has been a good one.

These guitars and bridges and saddles are nice market items, so you’re unlikely to want to rush right out and buy one, but you might enjoy checking them out on my main web site.


2 Responses to “My Summer Vacation”

  1. satjiwan Says:

    seems none of your blog pages have a link to your website. (maybe put right under the “sign up for email notices” link…)

    Nor a link in this particular post. do you want to add those?

  2. satjiwan Says:

    just saw the text link at top of your blog homepage, but when i click on it, it resolves to the same blog page:

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