More Mantis Shrimp Movies

Here are three more mantis shrimp movies, all quite cool. He seems to be coming out into the tank more and more fearlessly, for reasons that are not at all apparent.

Another brief, graceful mid “air” swirl (6 MB)

And still another! This time, the food landed way on the other end of the tank. He comes out fully, is not sure where the food is, heads back to the cave, and then “smells” the food in the “air” and then heads for it. Good side shots of his entire body. The squawks are from the parrots. (14 MB)

What can I say: he’s amazing! I missed the first part of this aerial display, but watching all of his “legs” swimming is interesting. He bobbles the food and has to go back to grab it again in mid “air”. (5 MB)

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