I looked up a few minutes ago to see what appeared to be a small ape eating leaves across the pond.  I quickly realized that it was a porcupine.  I’m used to seeing them on all fours, or climbing trees, and did not realize just how much they looked like a primate when on hind legs, reaching out for new leaves, and munching on them.  Their hands work just like ours.

I took a series of pictures from across the pond, but they were mediocre in the morning light.  Porcupines have relatively poor sight, so I figured that trying to approach it would be worth the effort.   I then crept up towards it, and managed to get two movies and one good photograph.  The picture is small relative to the movies, but does not really show how he uses his opposable thumb to manipulate the branches.  The movies are both pretty large (27 MB each), but really show how he moved.

www.jonbondy.com/porcu.jpg (1.5 MB)
www.jonbondy.com/porcu1.mpg (27 MB)
www.jonbondy.com/porcu2.mpg (27 MB)

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