I purchased a new octopus a few weeks ago. He’s still quite shy, but seems to have figured out what feeding is all about. Strangely, as much as he seems excited about obtaining the food, he seems more interested in playing with the clear plastic “wiggle stick” that I use to get the food to him. Here is a fairly large (40 MB) movie showing him coming out of his hole, grabbing the food, and then wrestling with me for the stick. He is surprisingly strong. You can clearly see him breathing. Also notice the white frills that decorate in a circle around his eyes, as well as the tufts above his eyes. You can see the color patterns changing on his skin. Also notice his ability to change the texture of his skin, from smooth to covered with rough tufts. This is especially clear on his back as he struggles with the food offering.

www.jonbondy.com/OctoGrab.MPG (40 MB)

and another one:

www.jonbondy.com/MOV03763a.MPG (6 MB)

If you can’t see that one, try www.jonbondy.com/MOV03763.MPG (35 MB)

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