Run your Windows software on your Mac

I have admired the Mac since it first came out, and actually owned a few before it became clear that I did not have the energy or budget to keep both Macs and [IBM] PCs; I chose the PC because I could make a living on the PC. That said, Macs have a lot of advantages, including an operating system that is much better written, with fewer security holes; and, of course, a slick UI that Microsoft will never achieve, because of some fundamental internal architectural flaws.

I have kept my eye on the Wine project ( for years, and recently discovered (through my Mac friend Ray) that someone had created a slick wrapper for the Wine technology in a product called CrossOver. In a moment of weakness and boredom, Ray purchased a new Mac Mini ($600) and then tried to use CrossOver to install and run a variety of Windows programs. The published list of programs that work under CrossOver is fairly small (compared to the universe of all Windows programs), but almost all of the programs that he installed just ran on the Mac, without Windows. You just double-click on the Windows application, and it just runs, right there on the Mac.

If all you need your computer for is writing documents, email, and surfing the web, with an occasional foray into specialized Windows software, you might want to consider a Mac for your next computer. You would still be able to run Windows programs from time to time, without having to re-boot, and your chances of being the target of spy-ware and viruses would be greatly reduced. You can try CrossOver for free for 30 days by going to

One Response to “Run your Windows software on your Mac”

  1. Cozmicray Says:

    Windows on Mac (OS X intel)

    Codeweaver Crossover Mac only performs it’s magic on new intel Macs

    There is also Crossover Linux for you Linux users.

    Apple’s boot camp allows one to boot intel Mac to Windows, but
    you must have a copy of Windows to install

    Parallels desktop
    Allows concurrent operation of Windows and OS X
    switch back and forth between OS’s
    one of the many new “OS Virtualizations”

    When I started to use crossover Mac
    I was hard pressed to find applications that were on Windows
    without a close mac counterpart
    For you MS Office diehards see “Open office” or “Neo Office” for
    OS X

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